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Mike Scheer was a young man in grade school when the British Invasion hit the shores of America. He first became interested in music and the guitar after watching the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. From that moment on, the sound and excitement of the guitar constantly filled his mind.

Not much later, Mike had the opportunity to hang with his cousin who had a small wedding band. Though the band had no guitar, the sound of the drums, particularly the snare drum as it resonated through the hall while people danced, fascinated him. It was there that he realized music had an effect on people and that by playing music he could have that effect on people.

Finally, after hearing the Beatles Abbey Road Album, Mike decided that come hell or high water, he was going to become a guitarist, a performer, and a songwriter. After his senior year in high school, he bought a cheap acoustic guitar and a couple guitar fake books and the long awaited journey began. He built his first electric guitar - including the neck and fretboard - after graduating from college. Soon after, he acquired an American-made Fender Stratocaster. The years rolled by and the desire to perform never waned. A veteran of both stage and studio, Mike's guitar influences include David Gilmour, Keith Richards, Robin Trower, and Billy Duffy, to name a few. Vocal influences include Ian Astbury, Jim Morrison, Paul McCartney, and Elvis Presley.

Many guitars, amplifiers, and drained bank accounts later, Mike still enjoys performing and recording music. He is quoted as saying, "The longest I've gone without a guitar in my hand in my adult life is one week, and that was tough on me."

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