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RC Allison, born Michael C. Milligan in Collingdale, Pennsylvania, a small suburb of Philadelphia, was hooked on music from his first listen of The Beatles Second Album. The track, I'll Get You, was magical somehow.

Constantly stealing his older sister's Stella acoustic guitar and Mel Bay Book One, much to her chagrin, RC was determined to learn how to play it. Equally annoying was his pounding out of rock songs on the living room piano disturbing the family's sacred viewing of Gilligan's Island, Hogan's Heroes, and the like.
Distractions inherent in growing up in the 60s and 70s were plentiful, but none of these could bump to number one on RC's list. Guitars, Pop-Rock, and live performance was where RC was heading. Playing in cover bands on the South Jersey club circuit was an accomplished dream and where RC honed skills as a vocalist and, primarily, a bassist. Too long evenings with close friends and colleagues passing guitars around in free-for-all jam filled the nights between gigs.

Playing Bowie, Mott The Hoople, Bad Company, Neil Young, and other classic legends all laid the foundation for RC Allison's own song writing. "I'm not breaking any new ground here. Just putting my own print on things. With any luck, people will dig it."
RC Allison's debut album, Jupiter Views, a collection of acoustic Americana released in 2021, paves the way for RC’s second album, The River, a full band version of selected tracks from Jupiter Views as well as new tracks written solely for The RC Allison Band.

"The writing's done and all that's left is the studio work, a necessary evil in my opinion and the part of the process I like the least."

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